DC-DC Converters
for the interconnection of HVDC grids

Modelling, control and simulations of dc/dc converters


This offer corresponds to scripts and simulation files developed during the PhD thesis of Juan Paez.

These files include Matlab/Simulink simulation models of an isolated dc/dc converter (front to front MMC) and of a non-isolated solution (DC MMC). The converter models are provided including “average arm models” (with blocked state to simulate the converter behavior during faults), detailed models (representing the individual behavior of each submodule to analyze switching losses) and the respective control loops. These converters are simulated in the interconnection of two cable based PTP where modular multilevel converters (MMC) are modeled with “average arm models” and the cables are modeled with a wide band model. The control loops of the MMCs are also implemented. The simulation files allow to study the interconnection during normal operation and in case of faults.



Complete model of an interconnection


  • Ready to run simulation files
  • System level simulations considering internal behavior of converters


  • HVDC multiterminal systems
  • Interconnection of two former point-to-point HVDC links


  • Simulation files
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