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Driving the transition to renewable energy

Paul Vinson, Partnerships & Business Development Director

“SuperGrid Institute’s offer is fed by a unique DNA, at the meeting point of academic excellence and industrial expertise with a high application value. Along with our cutting-edge testing facilities, we put our knowledge and expertise to work for our customers’ developments, be it addressing a problem they come to us with, or transferring an innovation born within our walls. With us, our customers have a strong competitive advantage!”

Paul Vinson, Partnerships & Business Development Director

The technologies and services we offer our customers, listed below, are primarily aimed at power producers, power system operators, engineering companies and consultants, project developers, service and technology providers and manufacturers of high and medium voltage switchgear.

innovation & technology transfer

& technology transfer

Our innovative technologies and their associated registered patents make for a win-win technology transfer process. We offer:

  • solutions based on innovative applied research results
  • assistance in developing results or technologies for the market
  • licensing and technology transfer, including protection of intellectual property
  • specific collaborations for applied research.
research & innovation test platforms


Clients benefit from our:

  • AC/DC high voltage laboratory
  • dielectric material laboratory
  • real-time simulation platform
  • vacuum brazing platform and plasma chamber
  • power electronics characterisation and converter platform
  • medium frequency transformer
  • combined hyperbaric platform
  • pump storage laboratory
  • cable testing platform.
Our offer

& consulting services

We lend expert support for:

  • grid consulting services and studies
  • design and establishment of AC/DC networks, including point-to-point HVDC links, meshed HVDC grids, DC integration within AC grids, amongst others
  • HV/MV product design and trouble shooting
  • power electronics and conversion studies, modelling, and design
  • cable and accessory design
  • expertise in hydro turbines and ancillary services
  • training for our clients.

Diverse applications

SuperGrid Institute’s unique expertise and capacity for innovation in HVDC and MVDC systems and technologies is applicable in numerous domains, including, amongst others:

Future Transmission & Distribution grids

Future transmission
& distribution grids

We are helping to shape the power systems of the future by enabling a massive quantity of electricity to be transported over long distances whilst ensuring network stability.

Offshore & Onshore Wind Farms

Offshore & onshore 
wind farms

We design, simulate, and optimise wind-farm electrical power systems to reduce costs whilst safeguarding the power system’s reliability and availability.

Photovoltaic Farms


We design, simulate, and optimise the electrical power systems connecting photovoltaic farms to get the most out of DC technologies and systems.

DC subsea equipment

DC subsea equipment

We design and test DC subsea equipment for cable systems and junctions, used especially in connecting offshore wind farms.

Hydro power & storage

Hydro power & storage

We design, simulate, and physically test hydro-pump turbines in their working environment to optimise their performance. We also develop hybrid solutions using hydro systems and other storage technologies to increase grid flexibility and support ancillary services.



We apply innovative power conversion and power-electronics technologies in railway systems to optimise their infrastructure and their rolling stock.

SuperGrid Institute officially ISO 9001:2015 certified!

SuperGrid Institute is ISO 9001:2015 certified for ‘carrying out electrical, mechanical and characterization tests, as well as expertise and consulting services in the field of electrical networks’. This certification confirms our high standards, our commitment to quality and our drive to provide the best possible customer experience for our clients.

Our quality management process is designed to ensure that our products and services are continually improved. Each member of the SuperGrid Institute team, from our test engineers to our support services and management, is involved in this process and plays a vital role. We work together to integrate quality management principles, cultivate a strong customer focus, measure customer satisfaction, evaluate our key suppliers and monitor quality improvement.

Our 4 key commitments

Guarantee optimal quality thanks to a bespoke, progressive, flexible, and fine-tuned management system calibrated to meet our requirements.

Place excellence in customer service at the centre of our corporate culture.

Promote innovation aimed at facilitating the large-scale integration of renewable energies and reinforcing electricity networks.

Offer our customers unique testing facilities as well as internationally renowned expertise and quality of service.

SuperGrid Institute, leader in the field of supergrid technologies, a key player in the development of the electric power system of the future.
SuperGrid Institute, leader in the field of supergrid technologies, a key player in the development of the electric power system of the future.
SuperGrid Institute, leader in the field of supergrid technologies, a key player in the development of the electric power system of the future.

Research tax credit (CIR)

Customers and partners who use their capital to work with us on research and development via French legal entities can benefit from a research tax credit (CIR), in accordance with the existing eligibility requirements.