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HVDC & MVDC systems and technologies

Training catalogue of SuperGrid Institute on HVDC & MVDC technologies for clients.

Need to develop your competency in the domain of HVDC & MVDC systems and technologies within your company?

We offer standard group training sessions which can be delivered as individual courses or combined for a more in-depth learning experience.

Our standard half-day courses last 3.5 hours and are delivered in English. Indicative price – 600€ per course, per person. Our courses run for 6 to 12 learners.

Training sessions are delivered in our dedicated classroom at SuperGrid Institute (Lyon, France) or remotely. Expert trainers can also deliver training in your offices (extra fees apply).

Our standard available training courses

Introduction to DC

  • Introduction
  • What is HVDC transmission?
  • HVDC benefits
  • Used technologies (Cables, switches)
  • Power converters (LCC, MCC)
  • Conclusions and perspectives

MVDC distribution networks & components

  • Medium voltage AC networks
  • Medium voltage DC networks (MVDC)
  • Components of MVDC networks
  • Railway mainlines voltage supply in Europe
  • Trends and evolution in railway domain

Power conversion

A. Semiconductor devices for Power Electronics applications

  • Introduction
  • Power electronics components
  • Real switches (Historical overview)
  • Semiconductors for power electronics
  • Synthesis

B. Gate drivers – Electromagnetic perturbations mitigation

  • Introduction
  • Converter applications
  • The design rules
  • Impact of medium frequency
  • Conclusion

Protection: HVDC systems – Cable systems

A. Protection of HVDC systems

  • Protection strategies and systems
  • Modelling for protection studies

B. Cable system

  • Cables & Accessories
  • Cable systems – bonding Schemes
  • Materials in DC vs in AC
  • Accessories DC
  • Constraints on cables in normal and in fault conditions
  • Monitoring
Training offer at SuperGrid Institute

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