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SuperGrid Institute is an Institute for Energy Transition (ITE) – a collaborative research platform dedicated to developing the electric power system of the future. The institute brings together industrial expertise and public research and is backed by private and public shareholders.

SuperGrid Institute develops technologies and services for the supergrid, the electricity transmission network of the future, which uses direct current and alternating current at very high voltages. This power grid is designed to interconnect with existing alternating current systems, enabling a wide-scale integration of renewable energy resources, a significant portion of which are offshore, and the majority of which are located far away from the load centers. The supergrid also integrates flexible storage resources which make it possible to manage the intermittent nature of renewable energy and ensure stability and security within the network.

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An Energy Transition Institute (ITE)

ITEs are interdisciplinary innovation and research centres dedicated to researching new energy technologies. They pool expertise from public & private companies, academic organisations and laboratories with the aim of defining and driving research programmes, creating value for their research results and contributing to the life-long and professional training offer in the field of energy transition.


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