SuperGrid Institute opens the doors to its hydraulic laboratory at the Hydro 21 “RDV Experts” event

What a great way it was to end a workday on the 3rd of April, at the “RDV Experts” organised in collaboration with the HYDRO 21 association. This event gave us the opportunity to present our hydraulic laboratory and take part in the technical presentation sessions on the theme of “Hydroelectric flexibility: hybridisation and digitalisation, solutions for the future?

The “RDV Experts” are events organised for members of the Hydro 21 association on key themes surrounding the hydraulics ecosystem. Several speakers are invited to give short technical presentations and there was a great line-up for this session! The presentations were followed by a visit to our two hydraulic platforms:

  • HydroPHIL, the only platform of its kind in the world, which can be used to validate all the innovations in power electronics and control & command linked to the flexibility of hydroelectric production facilities in real time.
  • Our IEC60193 hydraulic model test platform.

We had some very interesting discussions with the speakers and guests! Thank you to everyone who came for your interest!

And a special thank you to all the speakers for their valuable contributions: “How to integrate flexibility into electricity network planning”, by Marie-Cécile ALVAREZ-HERAULT (Grenoble INP-UGA, SmartGrids Chair); “How to apply the concept of digitalisation and hybridisation to island networks”, by Nicolas Sauviat (ARTELIA); “Hybridity and flexibility to harness energy from the Rhône”, by GRAFF Benjamin (CNR); “Solar-hydro hybridisation”, by Benjamin Peltié (ISL); “When batteries extend the life of run-of-river turbines”, by JEROME AUGUSTE (EDF); “A revenue model for hybrid Pelton turbines”, by Quentin Boucher (SuperGrid Institute).