High-end test platforms
for HVDC & MVDC applications

Cutting-edge facilities to support your design & testing needs

SuperGrid Institute Dielectric material characterisation & ageing platform

Dielectric material
characterisation & ageing

Understanding the properties of insulating materials is fundamental when designing equipment subject to high levels of electric fields, using low to high voltages.

Our material testing department has developed an expertise in dielectric materials, with a core competency of analysing material ageing under thermoelectric stress. We offer services focusing on our customers’ specific material needs, according to their specifications.

SuperGrid Institute's High Voltage test platforms


We perform characterisation tests on solid, liquid and gas insulation mediums at highly competitive rates.

With our specialisation in HVDC & MVDC applications technologies, HV & MV substation equipment and cables, our services are aimed at HV & MV equipment and cable manufacturers, component suppliers and research laboratories with advanced testing needs.

Power Storage & Balancing


The HydroPHIL platform is a unique test rig that replicates various aspects of a PSP’s behaviour in real time.

Our platform enables you to validate the control, supervision, system architecture, integration and hydraulics (non IEC 60193) of your projects in a relevant environment.

SuperGrid Institute Hyperbaric test platform


Our hyperbaric chamber is designed for testing subsea equipment under water pressure of up to 40 bars (400 metres depth).

Using our high voltage testing equipment, our hyperbaric test platform is specifically aimed at testing subsea cables and their accessories such as connectors or penetrators, for AC/DC medium to extra high voltage.

SuperGrid Institute Medium frequency tranformer characterisation test platform

Medium frequency
transformer characterisation

We offer comprehensive solutions for the characterisation of medium frequency transformers (MFT) under various conditions (no-load, full-load, short-circuit; with sinusoidal and square wave excitation signals), to validate your design in real-life environment.

The MFT can be tested, and its harmonic transfers checked, inside our converter, which can operate up to 100 kHz.

We also offer services related to the design of MFTs, based on your specifications.

SuperGrid Institute Plasma characterisation & vacuum brazing

Plasma characterisation
& vacuum brazing

Researching plasma, optimising the process of brazing various types of metals under vacuum conditions, and understanding physical phenomena of plasma require expensive equipment and specialist expertise.

At SuperGrid Institute, we use our vacuum brazing platform and services to support you in your research or small-scale part production.

SuperGrid Institute Power converter test platform


Thanks to our innovative platforms and test benches that reproduce real-life usage conditions, we can assess power converters from different topologies, as well as integrated semiconductors and medium frequency transformers.

SuperGrid Institute power switches characterisation test platform

Power switches

At SuperGrid Institute we have a set of dedicated platforms for testing and qualifying high voltage and high current power switches according to your needs.

We are capable of performing static, dynamic, thermal impedance, reliability and robustness tests based on commercial designs or new power switch designs you have developed at your company.

Pumps & turbines test platforms SuperGrid Institute

& turbines

Located in Grenoble, the hydraulic platform is the only independent hydraulic test rig in France able to perform tests according to IEC 60193 standards.

We can investigate physical hydraulic phenomena such as S-shape, hump region or cavitation characteristics thanks to combined measurements, the ability to visualise water flow on reduced-scale turbine runners and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation (CFD).

SuperGrid Institute Hardware-in-the-Loop & Power Hardware-in-the-Loop test platforms

Real-time simulation
test platforms

Our Hardware-in-the-Loop and Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop testing facilities offer an excellent alternative to traditional testing methods.

With our state-of-the-art software models, we recreate various electrical systems and provide accurate, comprehensive closed-loop testing of your algorithms’ and equipment’s interactions with control systems and other power equipment in real-time.