Expertise & consulting services

The company’s skills, industry experience, cutting-edge innovations and facilities constitute a valuable resource.
SuperGrid Institute offers a complete range of services

Identify & resolve technical challenges, optimise solutions

SuperGrid Institute employs its skills, industry experience, cutting-edge innovations, and high-end facilities to identify and resolve technical challenges, optimise solutions, and offer services that include:

  • conducting dedicated grid studies – including technical and economic assessment studies – for HVDC systems, MVDC systems, and connection grids for offshore windfarms and photovoltaic farms, among others;

  • resolving technical challenges and performing trouble shooting on clients’ equipment, drawing on the company’s full range of technologies, tools and test platforms;

  • (co)developing, designing, validating or improving, and performance-testing new products, such as high-/medium-voltage equipment, converters, medium frequency and solid-state transformers, cable junctions and accessories.

You can count on us to

Provide comprehensive studies of the issues you face in your projects and identify your technical needs in a rigorous and constructive manner.

Dedicate our team of experts to your projects, delivering the results you expect in the timeframe you require.

Act pragmatically and proactively to identify areas for improvement, helping you optimise your solutions.

Deploy our full range of technologies and tools, including our in-house test platforms, to resolve your technical challenges.

Some illustrations of our technical consulting services

Project advisory services:

Designing an HVDC Point-to-Point connection whilst anticipating the possibility of a future extension in a meshed HVDC grid.

Using techno-economic analysis (TEA) software to define an optimised electrical architecture for:

  • HVDC links

  • Offshore Wind Farm electrical systems

  • MVDC grids

Consulting services:

Drawing on our innovative solutions to ensure the reliability and operability of AC and DC grids, in particular:

  • Enhancing AC grid stability through the use of HVDC links

  • Developing innovative HVDC grid control & protection stratégies

HV/MV grid studies:

for the design of HVDC and Offshore Wind farms, including:

  • design fundamentals

  • grid connection

  • grid impact

  • grid code compliance

  • detailed design

  • equipment specification


  • (Co-)development, design validation and/or performance testing for new products (HV/MV equipment, Converters, Medium Frequency Transformer & Solid State Transformers, Cable junctions & accessories, etc.) before manufacturing

  • Trouble shooting of dielectric failures in HV equipment

  • Etc.

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Our training offer

With our unique environment for research, SuperGrid Institute acts as an incubator for innovation at the forefront of power grid technologies. As the only privately run research centre in this domain in France, we provide thorough and personalised training that benefits from a complete array of resources and expertise. Drawing on these, we develop courses that focus on the subjects that are relevant for your company’s activities.

Training offer at SuperGrid Institute