Innovation & Technology transfer

Carole Guillaumin, Valorisation & Intellectual Property Director

“The first step in the technology transfer process is to protect our innovations with the appropriate intellectual property rights. In order to bring our technologies to the market, the technology transfer process must include a maturation phase in which we work with industrial partners to adapt our innovative technologies and intellectual property strategies to meet our clients’ needs.”

Carole Guillaumin, Valorisation & Intellectual Property Director

Research to technology transfer

To offer our clients access to our innovations, SuperGrid Institute’s technology transfer process involves five important steps:

  1. research
  2. results
  3. intellectual property (IP) rights
  4. maturation and development
  5. technology transfer

We adapt our offer to suit your needs, every step of the way.

SuperGrid Institute, leader in the field of supergrid technologies, a key player in the development of the electric power system of the future.

Highly qualified experts

SuperGrid Institute’s teams are the key to our – and your – success. Our experts come from diverse backgrounds in industry and academia, each bringing highly specific expertise to contribute to the success of our five research departments.

Results that make the difference

Our results include technical and/or scientific reports, technological know-how, component models, and software and patents developed in our research department, amongst others. You can access these results in several ways, including:

  • by purchasing results not protected by IP rights

  • through technology transfer of results protected by IP rights (e.g., patents, software)

  • through licencing, with or without exclusivity

SuperGrid Institute technology transfer
SuperGrid Institute's technology transfer

Ensuring technical readiness

We provide support throughout the maturation process leading up to technology transfer. This increases the technical readiness level (TRL) of the innovation, minimising risks before taking it to the market. At SuperGrid Institute, we follow the lean startup methodology.

  • marketing: understanding the various potential market segments and customer needs in order to adapt the developed technology to their expectations.
  • technical development: performing complementary studies to adapt the technology to industrial applications, based on technical and marketing specifications elaborated together with our industrial partner, in order to create a minimum viable product (prototype, pre-series, marketing promotion material, etc.)
  • IP strategy: defining the geographical scope and implementing patent family protections adapted to each client’s needs.

How to collaborate with us?

Collaboration agreement

  • When you choose one of our results or patents, we work with you throughout the maturation process. Or if you prefer, you can bring us one of your concepts and we will work together to increase your project’s TRL.

  • The collaboration contract includes clauses that define each project’s governance, financing, milestones, IP rights, exploitation rules, and deliverables, amongst others.

  • The collaboration contract includes clauses that define each project’s governance, financing, milestones, IP rights, exploitation rules, deliverables, etc.

Funded collaborative projects

You may decide to work with us to obtain external funding (H2020, Ademe, InnoEnergy…) for a collaborative project.

SuperGrid Institute's TSO Event in 2018.