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Medium-voltage DC circuit breaker introducing our breakthrough HyBreak technology-supergrid

April – June 2024

  • Advising on the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan
  • Studying silicon carbide (SiC) power modules: the SiCRET+ project
  • PCIM – showcasing our new MVDC circuit breaker technology
  • Seanergy – 4 FIT join forces for the wind energy sector
  • Hydro 21 members discover our hydraulic test facilities
  • Responding to our industrial clients’ training needs
  • Our decision-making software for offshore wind farms OpTEAsoft Wind
New year 2024

January – March 2024

  • New Year’s wishes from our CEO Hubert de la Grandière
  • Collaborative project results & future perspectives
  • Where to find us at events this year
  • Successes and priorities from the French Institutes of Technology
  • Culture and fun at our New Year’s celebration
  • Behind the scenes: our corporate culture…
SuperGrid Institute's newsletter

October – December 2023

  • Welcome to our new President
  • MoU signed for our innovative DCCB technology
  • New collaborative projects and ongoing project developments
  • Results on MMCs published in partnership with RTE
  • A new software tool to speed up the electrical design of offshore wind farms – coming soon!
  • Newest member of the International Hydropower Association
SuperGrid Institute's external newsletter: July 2023.

July – August 2023

  • The latest news from the InterOPERA project
  • Presenting ITE Innovation Projects… a new way of financing your innovations!
  • Join us and become a leader of the HVDC circuit breaker market!
  • Fun and sun at our Mid-Year seminar in Grenoble!
  • Work with us! Discover our current job offers
Inauguration of our High Power Source platform by (from left to right) Mr Benoit Rochas, Deputy Prefect of South Rhône, Mr Michel Augonnet, President of SuperGrid Institute and Ms Stéphanie Pernod, 1st Vice-President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

April – June 2023

  • Our High Power Source test platform is officially inaugurated!
  • Another European collaborative project gets underway: BILASURF
  • Find out where to meet us at upcoming events
  • 2 videos on HVDC functional frameworks and protection now online!
  • Read this IEEE article & get a feel of what it’s like working at the Institute
  • Our latest onboarding day for our new employees
What a great year we’ve had at SuperGrid Institute!

January – March 2023

  • New Year’s wishes from our CEO Hubert de la Grandière
  • SuperGrid Institute coordinator of a major EU-funded project: InterOPERA
  • Successful TOV test on a 525kV DC cable system for Nexans
  • Contribution to CIGRE working group on materials and emerging test techniques
  • End of 2 year CPER project raising awareness of energy transition & future energy professions
Newsletter, November 2022

October – December 2022

  • 5 brand new international collaborative projects
  • Sharing our expertise in hybridisation for hydroelectric assets
  • Spreading the word about energy transition at the French National Science Festival!

July – September 2022

  • Where to find us at upcoming events…
  • We’re back on the INPI podium of French innovators
  • Our Medium Voltage Medium Frequency Test Platform is fully operational!
  • Join us for a webinar on how to improve hybrid AC/DC power system security
  • Our teams tackle climate change in the 2tonnes challenge
SuperGrid Institute joined the consortium READY4DC.

April – July 2022

  • READY4DC – a new European project launches at the Institute
  • Innovative technical concepts – looking for partners !
  • The Tenerrdis energy network visits the Institute to promote a shared project with our Training Programme
  • A visit from the French State confirms our strategy moving forward
  • An important partnership for DC excellence gets under way
  • Where to find us at upcoming events: IEEE DES Denver & PCIM
from our ceo Hubert de la

January – March 2022

  • New Year’s wishes from our CEO Hubert de la Grandière
  • New research results now available online
  • What our clients say about us
  • Multi-terminal HVDC grids – our dream becomes reality
  • The PhDs concluding in 2022 at the institute
  • Where to find us at upcoming events
SuperGrid Institute's latest news: official launch of our HYDRO PHIL test platform.

October – December 2021

  • Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is extended!
  • Official launch of our unique hydraulic test platform
  • All the upcoming events where you can come and talk with us!
  • SuperGrid Institute contributes to CIGRE Technical Brochure on Dielectric testing of gas insulated HVDC systems.
  • A week of discovery at the Fête de la Science science festival
  • Find your future internship with us at our Stage Dating event
SuperGrid Institute's latest news: award at the seminar Premier Cercle.

July – September 2021

  • We are honoured at the Premier Cercle® 2021 Industrial Property Awards
  • Keynote address at PCIM Europe 2021
  • The French Institutes of Technology ‘FIT book’ is published
  • Find us at upcoming events CIGRE & EPE 2021 ECCE Europe
  • Our PhD students take centre stage with ‘My thesis in 180 seconds’
  • Our colleagues listed in Stanford’s world scientists rankings

April – June 2021

  • Our 2020 Annual Report is available to download now!
  • Hosting the 3rd XFLEX HYDRO technical meeting.
  • Innovative solution for integrating DC lines into the grid.
  • SuperGrid Institute team co-authors CIGRE Technical Brochure on DC-DC converters for HVDC grids.
  • Discover the Institute via video on our new YouTube channel!
SuperGrid Institute's latest news: new years greatings from our ceo Hubert de la Grandière

January – February 2021

  • New Year’s wishes from our CEO, Hubert de la Grandière
  • An important step in our relationship with French TSO – RTE
  • SuperGrid Institute’s ITE status reconfirmed by the French State
  • High Current Switch test goes off without a hitch!
  • LOLABAT: SuperGrid Institute leads a work package in a major new European project
  • OCTOPUS: An important new project for the advancement of offshore wind farm technologies
  • Research published in the latest issue of IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Two prize winners at the French Chapter IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)

November – December 2020

  • Two prize winners at the French Chapter IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)
  • PEA space charge measurement tests available now!
  • Our HydroPHIL platform: the 1st in Europe!
  • Discovering our PhD students’ theses is just 3 minutes!
  • Testimonial from the EPE Association: Working with SuperGrid Institute
SuperGrid Institute officially ISO 9001:2015 certified!

September – October 2020

  • Officially ISO 9001:2015 certified!
  • Our first ever webinar on ‘Unlocking HVDC interoperability’
  • SuperGrid Institute at EPE’20 ECCE Europe and CIGRE 2020
  • Two demonstrations that conclude our participation in the PROMOTioN project
  • Find us at Business Hydro in Grenoble
  • The SuperGrid Institute team shows its solidarity
SuperGrid Institute's latest news: annual report 2019

May – June 2020

  • The French State allocates us an additional €5.7 M of funding!
  • Our first annual report available now!
  • Grid consulting services with CNR & RTE
  • The SiCRET project and our power switch characterisation platform
  • Combined electrical and hyperbaric tests for subsea electrical components design
  • SuperGrid Institute a member of the French Institutes of Technology

March – April 2020

  • The XFLEX HYDRO European project focuses on innovative hydropower technologies
  • OpTEAsoft Wind for offshore wind farms
  • The High Voltage test platform with the latest state of the art technologies
  • EPE’20 ECCE Europe in Lyon
  • SuperGrid Institute at the “Power Transmission in Africa” conference
  • Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue Female Scientist of the Year!