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High Voltage Cable Systems

We provide a wide range of services and solutions for HVDC grids, MVDC grids and offshore wind farm grid connections.

Thanks to our understanding of the behaviour of insulating materials under high dielectric and thermal stress, we drive the development of high-performance materials for HVDC cables and accessories.

Because reliability is a key concern for transmission systems, we develop innovative methods and devices for HV cable monitoring based on analyses of the physical phenomena that cause ageing in insulation materials.

We design and operate various test platforms to reproduce the real-life conditions of high voltage cable systems and subsea equipment, including standard testing conditions, new types HVDC system transients, and combined high voltage and hyperbaric conditions.

Monitoring and diagnostics of HVDC cable systems.
Precise modelling of HVDC cables, taking into account the physical phenomena of direct current.

Our projects cover:

  • new composite insulating materials for DC cable system components

  • monitoring, physical modelling and diagnostics of DC cable systems

  • dielectric testing of DC cable systems

  • high voltage subsea cable systems for offshore wind farm grid connections.

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