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Supergrid Architecture & Systems

Bruno Luscan, Supergrid Architecture & Systems Programme Director

“How should a supergrid system be technically designed and operated? The Supergrid Architecture and Systems research department aims to answer this question by developing control and protection concepts for HVDC systems, and by defining the requirements for the key components of the system.”

Bruno Luscan, Department Director – Supergrid Architecture & Systems

SuperGrid Institute’s experts work to overcome the technical challenges confronting DC grids. We develop technologies to control and protect the stability of HVDC and MVDC networks, which need to be much more dynamic than AC networks. Defining the requirements for the key components of DC grids or combined AC-DC power systems and designing and simulating the technical performance of these systems are key to our work.

We employ real-time, electromagnetic transient simulations with accurate, built-in models of power converter control systems to demonstrate how a system will perform when a new technology is integrated into the network (for example, a new protection strategy).

Managing the stability of a DC network requires the control systems to be much more dynamic than those used in AC networks.

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