A look back at our participation in EPE’2023

At the beginning of September, our experts were at the EPE’23 ECCE Europe conference in Denmark to present their latest work to the Power Electronics community! Once again, our institute was well represented with several scientific contributions. Piotr Dworakowski was also chairman & co-chairman of 3 sessions.

It was a very successful EPE 2023 ECCE Europe conference,” comments Piotr Dworakowski. “With over 1000 participants, the conference is becoming more and more popular each year. There were inspiring keynotes and workshops, and lots of networking opportunities. We clearly saw that SuperGrid Institute is now well known in the community.

EPE is an important event for our technical experts in the field of power electronics. Each year, we present several scientific publications to inform our colleagues about our innovations. Here’s a summary of what we presented this year:

Hind Bekkouri presented her paper “Energy based and non-energy based control strategies for Modular Multilevel Converter with embedded storage”. Kosei Shinoda participated in Industrial Forum 2, discussing Energy Islands, and also took part in a lecture session discussing “Comparison between DC Voltage Droop Schemes and Grid-Following & Grid-Forming Control in AC Systems in View of Interoperability of MTDC grids”. Adriana Carolina Campos Rodríguez presented her work on “Comparison of Modular Multilevel Converter and Neutral Point Clamped Converter Topologies for MVDC applications” in a poster session. Finally, Diego Velazco presented “Improved performance of Kalman filter for junction temperature estimation with Autocovariance Least-Squares method” in a Lecture session on “Measurement & Control”.

Alongside these presentations, our experts were able to discuss a wide range of topics with other members of the ecosystem. What stood out for Hind Bekkouri was the interactive panel session “Women in engineering”. “There were quite a few discussions on the position and role of women in technical fields, but also on leadership and the integration of minorities in companies in general. It was very interesting.”

Adrianna Campos, for her part, was inspired by Johann Kolar’s presentation, which drew attention to the carbon footprint of power electronics and the need to recycle electronic waste at a time when more and more metals are being added to the list of critical resources (lithium, cobalt, etc.).

Did you listen to one of our presentations? Do you have questions about it? Our experts are still available for discussion, even after the event! Feel free to get in touch!