CIGRE 2022: the countdown has officially begun!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris for this latest edition of the CIGRE 2022 conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris for this latest edition of the CIGRE conference… in person! Our experts will be actively participating in various events throughout the whole exhibition and will be present on our stand S202 (Level 2), where we will be focusing on the technologies and services we offer to support you on your journey towards net zero power transmission. Of course, we will also be making several appearances in the conference’s technical programme to share our innovations around HVDC & MVDC technologies. See you there!

This major event in our ecosystem has been marked in our calendar for several months now. After two years away, we look forward to seeing you there and to discussing the latest innovations developed for the massive integration of renewable energy sources and the upcoming Multi-Terminal HVDC grid.

Mini talks: meet the expert

Several meetings will be held on our stand so you can meet our experts and learn about our latest technologies. From Monday to Thursday, we will be offering short, 10-minute-long “mini-talks” at our stand on the following subjects:

  • Grid consulting services & MTDC grids
    • Minimising costs, maximising profit and satisfying system your system’s minimum security constraints. Come and learn why SuperGrid Institute is your choice partner for comprehensive Multi-Terminal HVDC grid studies.
  • HV dielectric design:
    • The High Voltage market is moving forward with new requirements. As an independent R&D centre, we have proven expertise in SF6 alternatives and HVDC design. Come and find out how to accelerate your R&D activities in these fields.
  • DC circuit breaker:
    • DC interruption is a challenging but essential function for Multi-Terminal HVDC network protection. We have developed and tested the interruption principle and key building blocks for a modular DC circuit breaker (notably the ultra-fast actuator). Come and learn about these major test results.
  • Epoxy expertise for high voltage applications
    • Epoxy is a versatile composite material with excellent mechanical properties. Understanding the microstructure of this material is key to finetuning its properties and making it suitable for any electrical application. Join us as we present our work on challenging topics surrounding epoxy material in high voltage applications.

We will host 2 presentations per day at our stand, at 10am and 2pm. Each presentation will last 5 minutes and will be followed by a Q & A session. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to chat to our experts and learn more about our latest technologies and projects. Our stand number is S202… easy to remember!

Feasibility studies for MTDC grids: NSWPH project showcase

SuperGrid Institute successfully carried out the feasibility study for the North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH) consortium, paving the way for the most ambitious offshore wind energy powerhouse in Europe. What an exciting project for our team to be a part of, working to meet the needs and challenges faced by our client!

In order to demonstrate the feasibility of the project, an optimum solution had to be found that minimised the overall cost and maximised profit while satisfying the minimum system security constraints:

  • System adequacy & power flows
  • Methodology for protection design
  • Comparison of AC & DC interconnection

Our experts will give a presentation on the 30th of August where they will provide further details on these three elements of our contribution to the NSWPH project. Make a note in your agenda: room 311-312, level 3 at 3pm.

Technical programme

In addition to these short presentations, our colleagues will be participating in various Group Discussion Meetings (GDM) and poster sessions throughout the conference. Be sure to ask them about their work and how we can work together!

A stand focused on technologies for net zero power transmission

For this edition, we have designed our stand around the technologies and services we offer to support you on your journey towards net zero power transmission. We will bring a mock-up of our innovative modular DC Circuit Breaker, capable of breaking up to 525 kV. A key element for future multi-terminal direct current (MTDC) grids! Be sure to come and see us at our Stand S202!

Practical information:

CIGRE Technical Exhibition 2022

When: 29 August > 2 September

Where: Paris – Palais des congrès

Stand: S202 – Level 2


Feasibility studies for MTDC grids: NSWPH project

When: Tuesday, the 30th of August – 3pm & 4 pm

Where: room 311-312, level 3