Tenerrdis and their members visit the institute & discover our laboratories and learning activities!

On Tuesday the 26th of April, several members of the Tenerrdis energy cluster visited SuperGrid Institute. Our guests visited our research & testing platforms and discovered our two learning activities aimed at young people and adults seeking career changes which have recently been the subject of a project to promote energy-related professions & energy transition, financed under the 2015-2020 State-Region Contract Plan (CPER).

SuperGrid Institute partnered up with Tenerrdis, the Grenoble and Lyon education authorities, the “Smart Energy Systems Campus” and the Gaston Berger Institute (INSA Lyon) in a project aimed at promoting energy-related professions and raising awareness about energy transition among young people and jobseekers through two learning activities that had previously been developed in-house at the institute for the annual science festival week in France.

Tenerrdis invited its members to discuss the progress of this project during a visit of our facilities in Villeurbanne. The visitors, including representatives of the City of Lyon, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, the Institute of Environmental & Energy Transition Careers, and several industrial actors from the energy industry learnt about our institute’s activities before being guided around our high voltage, power converter and power switch characterisation and characterisation & ageing of dielectric materials test platforms.

Following their visit, the members of Tenerrdis were introduced to the CPER project, which is coordinated by SuperGrid Institute, and were invited to exchange on recruitment issues and opportunities within the new energy technology industries, an issue that is addressed in one of the two learning activities developed by the institute and is at the heart of our Training Programme’s mission and activities. At the end of the discussion a call for action was launched with the aim of offering middle school students the possibility of visiting the members’ companies during the students’ professional immersion internship week.

The CPER project

“Zero-carbon transition, raising awareness and providing information on the changing professions”

This project is part of a global vision for energy transition, promoted by various actors of this sector and using open, educational and playful activities to boost employment, improve the attractiveness of the Region, and strengthen France’s capacity for innovation.

Our aim within this project is to raise awareness of energy-related professions among young people, as well as among job seekers and people in the process of changing careers.

Our means of accomplishing this is by using two learning activities. Initially developed in-house at the institute, they have been tested and developed further within the scope of the CPER project and are destined to be made available freely for the Region’s education authorities and job centres to help provoke conversations about energy transition and raise awareness about the types of careers that are available within this new energy sector.

The learning activities

Our survival game requires players to balance the supply and demand of an electrical network while developing new technologies to enable the integration of renewable energies, all whilst minimising the environmental impact of their actions.

Our careers board game presents the diversity of jobs that exist within a research and innovation institute such as ours and encourages players to work together using their complementary skills to develop a new piece of equipment for the electrical grid. The game ends with a presentation on the many different educational pathways that are possible to take to end up in any of the jobs described in the game.