Dc-MMC for the interconnection
of HVDC grids with different line topologies


DC-DC converters are needed for the future development of high voltage direct current (HVDC) grids, as they allow to interconnect lines with different voltages and topologies. The dc-dc converters can increase the grid controllability adding power flow control, voltage regulation and/or fault blocking capability. The dc modular multilevel converter (dc-MMC) is a non-isolated solution proposed to interconnect HVDC systems with the same line topology. This paper proposes a new dcMMC with a control strategy, which allows the converter to interconnect different line topologies (e.g., rigid bipole connected to a symmetric monopole). The paper presents the different line topologies in HVDC installations. Then, a mathematical model with a variable transformation is proposed for the new dc-dc converter. A control structure is proposed and implemented in Matlab/Simulink using an average arm model and simplified dc grids. The results validate the control in normal operation, fault blocking capability and post-fault scenario (degraded mode).

Daniel Gómez A., Marc Cheah-Mane, Juan David Paez,
Florent Morel, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt & Piotr Dworakowski

Published in IEEE transactions on Power Delivery