Enhanced LMI-based Damping Control in Power Networks
through a High Voltage Direct Current Line


Large interconnected power networks are arguably some of the most complicated man-made systems to understand and characterize. The scale of the problem is immense, involving large numbers of generators, controllers, and transmission lines covering millions of square kilometers. This becomes even more complicated due to the surge of renewables that are connected (possible via HVDC lines) to the network. Faults, such as the tripping of an electricity line, can easily occur in a network. These can cause undesired oscillatory behaviour. This paper proposes an output-feedback controller that aims at diminishing these oscillations. The presented controller consists of a state-feedback gain and a Kalman filter. For the controller design, an identified model is employed. The system identification procedure is also presented in this paper

Sjoerd Boersma, Luigi Vanfretti, Abdelkrim Benchaib

Presented at ECC’21