Design of a test package for high voltage SiC diodes


A custom package for SiC diodes is presented. It is designed to accommodate ”research-grade” devices (available in small quantities, with large variations in characteristics, and, in our case, poor topside metallisation). It allows testing of the diodes at high voltage (> 5 kV) and high current (600 A). The packaged diodes described here are used as a drop-in replacement for Si diode modules in a double-pulse setup. The packaging design is based on a ”sub-package” approach, to achieve high production yield and facilitate exchange of devices failing during the tests. Packaging technologies include silver sintering for the die attach and the use of an original die topside pressing system using spring probes. Experiments validate the concept of the package.

Arthur Boutry, Cyril Buttay, B.Lefebvre, Eric Vagnon, Dominique Planson, Luong Viet Phung

Presented at IWIPP 2022