SuperGrid Institute acts alongside
Greater Lyon for the future of industry

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SuperGrid Institute, along with more than a hundred other industrialists, is committed to transforming industry and protecting the environment by signing the Greater Lyon manifesto. This is an opportunity to affirm our collective commitment to bringing about an industry that is more sensitive to environmental issues and to invite the entire industrial ecosystem of Greater Lyon to join the momentum.

Here are the commitments we are making alongside Greater Lyon:

  1. Develop industrial activities in and around the city.

Facilitating projects to implant or develop industry in the region in order to increase its autonomy and resistance to shocks and supply chain disruptions.

  1. Identify and reduce industrial risks.

Objectifying and bringing to light the risks generated by production activities and implementing tangible solutions to reduce them.

  1. Act to reduce industry’s energy and environmental footprint.

Accelerating the implementation of projects and actions in the territory that make industry cleaner, less energy-intensive and less intensive consumers of water and scarce resources.

  1. Create jobs and inform the city’s inhabitants of the opportunities available in industry.

Showing industry’s evolution, its impacts and its opportunities; mediating with the city’s inhabitants; promoting industrial professions to encourage the employment and the integration of metropolitan inhabitants.

  1. Cooperate between industrial actors and territories.

Relying on collectives and territorial cooperation, because today it is essential to work together in order to maximise success!