Study of high current magnetron impulse discharge


High current density magnetron impulse discharge (HCDMID) could be used in numerous applications like surface deposition, etching, ion thrusters sources… Magnetron-type discharges are widely used in both regimes – physical vapor deposition (PVD) and ionized PVD. In pulsed mode, the peak power density over the target area, can reach or exceed 10^7 W/m^2, leading to plasma conditions that drastically increase the ionization of the sputtered atoms due to the presence of magnetic field. As a consequence, high current in the discharge impulse could be achieved.
The interactions of cathode materials with the energetic species (electrons, ions, photons and reactive species) of these partially ionized gases, produced at low pressure (1-5 Pa) are creating new functionalities.

In this presentation, we will focus on the high-voltage waveforms ranging from 450 to 1000 V leading to reproducible discharge current densities higher than 10 A/cm². High-speed gated camera imaging, optical emission spectroscopy and other optical diagnostics will be reported and different mode of plasma will be discussed. The comparative study on plasma-surface interaction zone of the target will be reported for a better understanding of the physical mechanisms associated with the current density and the material to be considered.

Erwan Morel, Tiberiu Minea, Daniel Lundin, Charles Ballage ,
Yoann Rozier, Rémy Bazinette, Thomas Forchard, Christophe Creusot , Alain Girodet

Presented at Plasma Tech 2021