Over- and Under-Voltage Containment Reserves for Droop-Based Primary Voltage Control of MTDC Grids


This paper proposes a comprehensive methodology for determining the converter droop settings to ensure the voltage security in multi-terminal direct current (MTDC) grid. The novelty lies in the introduction of the concept of over- and under-voltage containment reserves in analogy to the frequency containment reserves in AC systems. This not only gives a distinction of the contribution between the converters in rectifying and inverting modes, but also significantly facilitates the sizing of necessary amount of reserves within their available headroom capacity of power. In particular, the constraints of converters outages, converter rating, and DC voltage deviations are all taken into account in the design of reserves. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated by a contingency power flow analysis algorithm and EMT simulations of a four-terminal MTDC grid.

Kosei Shinoda, Abdelkrim Benchaib, Jing Dai, Xavier Guillaud

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

Keywords: Multi-terminal HVDC (MTDC) grid, primary voltage control, voltage droop method