Testimonial: Working with SuperGrid Institute
from the President of the EPE Association

Testimonial Working with SuperGrid Institute from the President of the EPE Association

It is amazing to recognize that within half a year only the world seems to have altered so dramatically. Due to COVID-19 pandemic our original plan for gathering the Power Electronics Society from September 7th to 11th in the nice city of Lyon had to be switched over to a virtual show. This year for the first time, our local organizational committee was a private company and not an academic institute.

SuperGrid Institute took charge of the local organization in Lyon, with the support of the General Chair Abdelkrim Benchaib and the EPE Association. They did an outstanding job in selecting the most suitable media tool and compiling all high level expert presentations as planned for the physical meeting. In spite of the short time movement from the face-to-face meeting to the online show, this year we still offered an outstanding technical program with many expert presentations from industry and academia including the timeslots for technical discussions in addition to poster sessions, industry sessions and exhibitions.

Due to the great support from SuperGrid Institute’s experts, all participants had the chance to listen and actively contribute to this high level technical event, with the sessions transported directly to their workplace. In particular I am very happy to receive so many positive feedbacks from the technical contents we offered as well as the organization.

On behalf of the EPE organization and myself I really thank you so much for the great work you have done to make the first ECCE EPE virtual event so successful.

Leo Lorenz, President of EPE Association