An algorithm for DC segmentation of AC power systems targeted at electromechanical oscillations


In the last decades, various events have shown that transient and small signal stability are a major concern for large interconnected Alternative Current (AC) grids. DC segmentation – a method that consist in turning large AC grids into a set of AC clusters linked by Direct Current (DC) links – is a promising solution to mitigate this issue. However, no method exists to find the appropriate DC segmentation scheme for a given grid. This paper aims at filling this void by proposing an algorithm that, for a given AC power system, gives an adapted DC segmentation scheme that improve its small signal stability (SSS). More precisely, the algorithm uses the concepts of oscillating generators and oscillation path to stop the main electromechanical oscillation of the studied grid. The concept of the algorithm has been explained using a conceptual 6 generators test system. Additionally, the algorithm has been tested on the Nordic 44 test system. The DC segmentation proposed by the algorithm has been validated using dynamic simulation and eigenvalue analysis

Mathieu Robin, Javier Renedo, Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Torres, Aurelio Garcia-Cerrada, Abdelkrim Benchaib, and Pablo Garcia-Gonzalez

Published in IEEE Open Access