Model Parameter Extraction Tool
for the Analysis Series-Connected SiC-MOSFETs


This paper presents a parameter identification tool for SiC-MOSFET Spice models for the purposes of studying the impact of parameter’s spread on series-connected devices. A SiC-MOSFET model available in literature is adapted. A set of 30 commercial SiC-MOSFETs is characterized. The extration tool is used to generate Spice model file for each device, which are validated by comparison to double pulse measurement results. Generated SiC-MOSFET models are employed to perform simulation of switches made of two series-connected devices. The simulation results reveal that a difference of almost 0.2 V in VTH produces 21 % of VDS voltage unbalance during turn-off.

Cédric MATHIEU de VIENNE, Besar Asllani, Bruno Lefebvre, Pierre Lefranc, Pierre-Olivier Jeannin

Presented at PCIM Europe 2021