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PhD Rayane Mourouvin: “Converter control in a power system with high penetration of renewable energy”

2021-11-03T18:15:25+01:00novembre 3rd, 2021|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd|

This work focuses on the transmission grid level and investigates the control of VSCs interfacing renewable sources in hybrid power systems where PE and SG coexist.

SuperGrid Institute’s experts are ready for Jicable HVDC’21!

2021-11-03T09:42:05+01:00octobre 18th, 2021|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Evenement, Systèmes de câbles & jonctions HVDC|

We are thrilled to participate in Jicable HVDC'21 with no less than 5 appearances in the programme.

PhD Paul Verrax: Transient-based fault identifcation algorithm for the protection of meshed HVDC grids

2021-08-11T17:41:25+02:00avril 16th, 2021|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd, Tout|

The present thesis investigates the concept of a single-ended fault identification algorithm based on the estimation of the fault parameters.

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