PhD Amjad MOUHAIDALI « Contribution to the modelling of HVDC cables for electromagnetic transient simulations »

2019-02-13T11:13:54+00:00février 13th, 2019|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd|

The integration of new technologies in the electric grids made them more and more complex, and most likely future growth of power grids will be based more on underground cables than overhead lines. One problem here, is that the mathematical model for electromagnetic simulation of power cables still has some shortcomings regarding stability, accuracy and passivity. In this thesis, we evaluate the cable parameters using analytical and numerical methods.

PhD Juan-Carlos GONZALEZ « Transient stability of high voltage AC-DC electric transmission systems »

2019-02-11T10:09:23+00:00février 11th, 2019|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd|

This thesis addresses the transient stability analysis of hybrid AC/DC electric transmission systems. More precisely two questions sought to be investigated: What is the impact of a DC contingency on AC transient stability? How can we take advantage of the DC transmission systems as control inputs in order to enhance AC transient stability?

SuperGrid Institute’s project selected for Grid2030

2018-12-06T16:53:53+00:00décembre 6th, 2018|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Evenement|

SuperGrid Institute and IMDEA joint forces with the support of REE, and created a consortium. This consortium was selected from more than 80 projects. Through the "Reduced Inertia Transient Stability Enhancement" (RITSE) project, SuperGrid Institute will strive to improve the transient stability of the AC networks by coordinating the use of batteries and HVDC links.

PhD Miguel ROMERO RODRIGUEZ « Supervisory control synthesis for MMC-based HVDC systems »

2018-11-09T14:49:22+00:00novembre 9th, 2018|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd|

This work proposes a method for the full development, from conception to implementation, of the supervisory control of a multi-terminal HVDC (MT-HVDC) system.

PhD William LEON GARCIA « Protection strategy for HVDC networks »

2018-11-09T17:42:06+00:00janvier 26th, 2018|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd|

Multi-terminal high voltage direct current (MTDC) grids, or supergrids, are considered an interesting solution to integrate large amounts of renewable power and release congestion of existing AC power grids. Nonetheless, safe and reliable operation of such grids require the development of new DC protection systems.

PhD Kosei SHINODA « Control and Energy Management of MMC-based Multi-Terminal HVDC Grids »

2018-11-09T17:41:51+00:00janvier 2nd, 2018|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd|

The scope of this thesis includes control and management of the Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC)-based Multi-Terminal Direct Current (MTDC).

PhD Swann GASNIER « Decision support framework for offshore wind farm electrical networks: Robust design and assessment under uncertainties’’

2018-11-09T17:41:49+00:00janvier 2nd, 2018|Architecture & systèmes du supergrid, Phd|

Large offshore wind farms will be important players within the future energy landscape. What is the expected benefit for a project is an essential issue from Investor side, considering both technical and economic aspects. Levelized Cost Of Energy - LCOE - is a standard economic indicator which allows to assess the economic viability of a project.