Phd Caroline STACKLER « Electronic transformers for railway applications »

2019-04-12T10:43:02+00:00février 25th, 2019|Electronique de puissance & convertisseurs, Phd|

The main objective of this thesis is to develop a methodology to size PETT topologies, in order to compare them.

PhD Quentin MOLIN « High Voltage SiC MOSFET Robustness study: threshold voltage shift and short-circuit behaviour »

2018-12-17T11:01:38+00:00décembre 17th, 2018|Electronique de puissance & convertisseurs, Phd|

This manuscript is a contribution to reliability and robustness study of MOSFET components on silicon carbide “SiC”, wide band gap semiconductor with better characteristics compared to silicon “Si” material. Those new power switches can provide better switching frequencies or voltage withstanding for example in power converter. SiC MOSFET are the results of approximately 10 years of research and development and can provide increased performances and weight to some converter topology for high voltage direct current networks.

Measurement and Analysis of SiC-MOSFET threshold voltage shift

2018-11-13T09:35:09+00:00octobre 4th, 2018|Conference, Electronique de puissance & convertisseurs|

Gate-oxide technology weakness is a main reliability issue of Silicon Carbide MOSFET transistors. The threshold voltage shift is a critical phenomenon that addresses the reliability of industrial power applications. It is important to have a better understanding of the phenomena implied in the gate threshold voltage shift. In this context, HTGB test is proposed and the resulting gate oxide stress is studied and discussed in this paper.

Repetitive short-circuit measurement on SiC MOSFET

2018-11-12T09:51:03+00:00septembre 7th, 2018|Conference, Electronique de puissance & convertisseurs|

Robustness study for the 1.7 kV SiC MOSFET is presented. After evaluation of the critical energy required for failure, devices were submitted to repetitive short-circuits conditions.

A 100 kW 1.2 kV 20 kHz DC-DC converter prototype based on the Dual Active Bridge topology

2018-11-12T10:08:40+00:00août 24th, 2018|Electronique de puissance & convertisseurs, Publications|

This article presents the design, the fabrication, and the test of an isolated DC-DC converter for renewable energy applications. The converter is based on the Dual Active Bridge topology and uses silicon carbide power semiconductors and a medium frequency transformer. The design process covers hardware ranging from the semiconductor die to the complete power converter. For the control, a rapid prototyping approach was used. The experimental validation of the 100 kW prototype is presented.

A High Current Switching test bench to estimate switching losses for power switches

2018-11-12T10:09:10+00:00juillet 27th, 2018|Electronique de puissance & convertisseurs|

Our High Current Switching test bench is now operational! This one is integrated to the Power switches characterization platform, which can be used to fully characterize power switches.