“HVDC links control to enhance stability and security of power systems”: discover Abdelkrim Benchaib’s presentation
at Power Transmission in Asia

Abdelkrim Benchaib participation to the Power Transmission in Asia conference to talk about HVDC links

This Tuesday the 8th of December, our colleague Abdelkrim Benchaib presented our innovative “Dynamic Virtual Admittance Control” (DVAC) solution to the audience of the Power Transmission in Asia conference during his talk on the importance of adding HVDC links to existing grids in order to increase grid flexibility.

Our DVAC technology dynamically computes the necessary power references for each station of a HVDC link (or grid), making it possible to improve the AC grid’s rotor angle stability by damping electro-mechanical oscillations, enlarging transient stability margins and ensuring the synchronisation of two AC interconnected networks.

If you missed his presentation, catch up here: