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Partial Discharge Behavior of Protrusion on High Voltage Conductor in GIS/GIL under High Voltage Direct Current: Comparison of SF6 and SF6 Alternative Gases

2021-08-11T16:42:36+02:00février 28th, 2020|Appareillage électrique haute tension, Publications|

Recent studies have demonstrated that fluoronitrile (FN) NovecTM 4710 and fluoroketone (FK) NovecTM 5110 show higher dielectric strength than SF6. These gases can be mixed with a buffer gas such as CO2 and technical air to have suitable dielectric properties for high voltage insulation applications.

SuperGrid Institute’s vision at the second conference on Power Transmission in Africa (Johannesburg)

2021-08-11T16:26:45+02:00février 10th, 2020|Conference, Evenement|

This morning, SuperGrid Institute presented at the second conference on Power Transmission in Africa (Johannesburg) its vision on new transmission technologies and architecture, shaping the future grids. With emphasis on the fantastic opportunity that the latest HVDC technologies and solutions represent for a robust and interconnected power system in Africa, able to address major issues linked to energy transition.

Phd Paolo ERRANTE « Liquid Spray Injection inside the expansion volume of a CO2 High Voltage Circuit Breaker »

2021-08-11T17:41:53+02:00février 5th, 2020|Appareillage électrique haute tension, Phd|

In the framework of the research activities of the High Voltage Substation Equipment program of SuperGrid, it has been proposed to introduce such species by means of an evaporative liquid spray. The interaction between injected droplets and the mixture of hot gases successively flowing into the chamber and vented outside the chamber during the mechanical separation of the electric contacts should allow spray evaporation and transport of the modified gas mixture towards the arc region.

HVDC plays a key role in the future AC/DC power systems

2021-08-11T16:26:56+02:00février 5th, 2020|Conference, Evenement|

This Tuesday the 4th of February, at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy, Bruno Luscan, CTO of SuperGrid Institute, presented the company’s vision on the importance of the role of HVDC links within AC/DC networks.

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