A Cryostat platform for SuperGrid Institute

SuperGrid Institute is aiming to test the new superconductive tapes that will be used in future current limiters, as one of the partners involved in the FASTGRID project.

At the end of 2019, the institute saw the arrival of a 3.5 meter high cryostat in its premises. This piece of equipment can contain up to 4000 litres of liquid nitrogen and withstand an internal pressure of 2.5 barA. A pump accessory allows it to reach temperatures of 67 Kelvin by lowering the pressure to 150 mbar.

Pressure tests were completed at the end of 2019 and soon, the cryostat will be tested cold to confirm its temperature target.

In June 2020, the cryostat will leave SuperGrid Institute for an external laboratory to complete the power tests which will mark the end of the FASTGRID project.

When it returns, it will be used to test other types of tapes or windings (some of which are patented by SuperGrid Institute), either dielectrically in our Very High Voltage test platform, or in terms of power thanks to our High Power Source.

superconductive tapes_SuperGrid Institute