The “Experts meeting” from Hydro 21: a unique opportunity to visit our hydraulic platforms

Come and discover our hydraulic laboratory on the 3rd of April at the “RDV Experts” event! Organised in collaboration with HYDRO 21, this event offers a short, yet technical format. The theme for this meeting? Hydroelectric flexibility: hybridisation and digitalisation, solutions for the future? A major issue for the hydropower ecosystem!

The balance between electricity injections and withdrawals is indeed a fundamental issue for the smooth operation of our electricity networks. With the development of intermittent renewable energies and the electrification of our end uses, the need for flexibility in the electricity system is a major technological challenge to be addressed over the coming decades.

The programme includes:

  • Technical presentations from experts ;
  • A visit of two of our hydraulic platforms :
    • HydroPHIL: to validate all the innovations in power electronics and control & command linked to the flexibility of hydroelectric production facilities in real time.
    • An IEC60193 hydraulic model test platform.

Practical information:

  • When? Wednesday 3rd of April, from 5pm to 9pm (with drinks reception).
  • Where? At SuperGrid Institute’s hydraulic laboratory in Grenoble (France).

Information & registration on: