“2tonnes” workshop: SuperGrid Institute staff
dive into the future to limit CO2 emissions

This Wednesday, the 15th of June, SuperGrid Institute organised immersive “2tonnes” workshops for its employees. In teams, the participants explored the future and tried to limit climate change to reach the famous 2 tonnes of CO2 per year and per person by 2050. This enjoyable activity provided the opportunity to discuss the challenges surrounding energy transition… dear to our Institute and in line with our corporate values. Let’s have a look at this exciting day at our Institute!

For 3 hours, more than 60 SuperGrid Institute’s collaborators played the role of public and private decision-makers, taking energy transition into their own hands and testing out different modes of governance. The ultimate goal: to reduce CO2 emissions and keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees.

The exchanges within the different teams were very rich. We must admit that energy transition is a subject particularly close to our colleagues’ hearts…

This activity is very instructive: it allows you to understand the complexity of the problem at hand and the difficulties involved in addressing these issues, but it also gives you to keys takeaways which enable you to take concrete actions with measurable effects. A challenge that will take time and unite everyone!

one of our staff members after the workshop.

Coordinated internally

These immersive workshops were organised internally, in collaboration with the “2tonnes” group, which trained company employees to run these workshops independently.

At the end of 2019, employees organised a Climate Collage event within the company to understand the essentials of climate issues. These 2tonnes workshops were a complementary follow-up, allowing us to gather and discuss the different levers of action for a low-carbon world.