Modified Preisach model of hysteresis in multi air gap ferrite core medium frequency transformer


This article presents the modified Preisach model of hysteresis for a 3-phase medium frequency transformer in a 100 kW dual active bridge converter. The transformer magnetic core is assembled out of ferrite I-cores, which results in multiple parasitic air gaps. For this transformer, the hysteresis loops were measured and parameters of the Preisach model were determined. The Preisach distribution function is approximated with a two-dimensional Gauss function series and the feedback function is a 3rd-degree polynomial. The optimized identification of Preisach distribution function parameters was prepared. Two sets of parameters were determined based on the analysis of major and minor hysteresis loop. The developed model is used to analyze the transformer core power loss. A new set of Steinmetz equation parameters for multi air gap ferrite core MFT is proposed.

Piotr Dworakoswki, Michal Michna; Andrzej Wilk; Filip Kutt; Michel Mermet-Guyennet

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

Keywords: ferrite core, gapped magnetic core, hysteresis loop, medium frequency transformer, power loss, Preisach model, Preisach distribution function