SuperGrid Institute is now part
of the French Institutes of Technology (FIT) association

French Institutes of Technology logo

The French Technological Research Institutes (IRT) and Institutes for Energy Transition (ITE) are joining forces! On the 29th of April, SuperGrid Institute and the 7 other French ITEs officially joined the French Institutes of Technology association alongside its 8 existing members, the IRTs, to develop tangible innovations for the world of tomorrow.

The French Institutes of Technology (FIT) association now unites 16 institutes who share the same fundamental vision that research should unite industry and academia through multiple collaboration. This new association will allow these institutes to become even more closely aligned in their objectives and enable them to drive forward French innovations for industrial and energy transition.

The IRTs and ITEs were created as part of the French State’s Investments for the Future programme (PIA) with the aim of bolstering technological innovation in France’s major industrial sectors in response to current economic, societal and environmental challenges. The driving factor for these institutes is to showcase French technological prowess and capture the European market.

Over the next three years, the IRTs and ITEs will focus on four main areas: developing French core technologies that demonstrate France’s prowess, setting up inter-IRT-ITE cross-sector initiatives, developing regional joint IRT-ITE partnerships and reach out internationally, focusing on European projects. These areas are discussed in further detail in the FIT press pack.

SuperGrid Institute is already collaborating on multiple national and European projects with other IRTs and ITEs. Ongoing projects include the LISORE and SiCRET.