OpTEAsoft Wind: a decision-making software to optimise offshore wind-farms’ electrical architecture

SuperGrid Institute is happy to announce the release of our new simulation software, OpTEAsoft Wind, for optimising the design of your inter-array architectures based on your Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

This innovative software will support offshore wind farm developers, project owners, engineering consultants, wind farm operators and project funders during their pre-studies for projects’ bidding phase.

OpTEAsoft Wind offers you:

  • The best economical optimisation of inter-array routing cables in the fastest time.
  • Energy analysis based on power flow.
  • Techno-economic comparison of architectures with different specifications.

Key advantages:

OpTEAsoft Wind software: key advantages

Use OpTEAsoft Wind to help you win future projects by putting forward the best bid from both a technical and economical viewpoint!

Discover all the technical details: https://www.supergrid-institute.com/offer/opteasoft-wind/

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