Quality of Life at Work Week at SuperGrid Institute

This is the end of our Quality of Life at Work (QWL) Week! For this new edition, a custom programme was put in place to create space for discussions and enable employees to tackle different QWL themes within the Institute. Always in a fun way, through games or workshops:

  • A group sophrology session with a professional taught us how to manage stressful situations and take a step back. A initiation appreciated by the participants, who came away feeling relaxed and loaded with helpful tips to practice on their own.
  • The QWL game was a regular feature of the week, with discussions in small groups on several topics. Just like last year, a number of good ideas came out of the sessions. Two examples of last year’s suggestions: monthly breakfasts to celebrate employees’ birthdays and the resting room that will soon be arriving at the Institute!
  • An engaging workshop took place at the end of the week with the aim of raising awareness and learning how to spot sexism at work or in everyday life, and knowing how to react. Thanks to our partner Diversidées, this presentation led to some interesting discussions.

Many thanks to the members of the Comité Social & Economique for organising this week, in collaboration with our HR department, and all the participants!