From pole-to-ground fault current return paths in a meshed HVDC network to a grounding modelling simplification for protection studies


Meshed bipolar High Voltage Direct Current grids are considered as one of the preferable solutions for integration of renewable energy sources and increasing the security of power systems on a continental scale. In this context, several fault current studies are proposed in the literature, considering different grounding methods for modular multilevel converter neutral points. But these studies often focus on fault current paths to the fault location, and none of them analyzes the return paths of fault current from the fault location. This article deals with fault currents return paths in case of pole-to-ground fault in a grounding configuration using surge arresters in all stations except one, which is solidly grounded. The influence of this solidly grounded point location on the return paths of fault currents
is evaluated. With these results, a modelling simplification is considered for HVDC protection studies. Specifically, the discussion investigates whether all MMC neutral points can be solidly grounded.

Myriam RATAJCZYK, Bertrand Raison, Alberto Bertinato

Presented at IPST 2023