PCIM here we come: sharing our MVDC expertise!

Our annual meeting for power electronics is on the horizon: PCIM 2023, here we come! This year’s edition is shaping up to be an exciting one, with no less than 400 presentations listed in the programme and over 500 exhibitors. We are delighted to be part of it! Once again, we will have the pleasure of presenting our latest innovations and technological advances at the ECPE pavilion, with a special focus on our medium voltage direct currant (MVDC) technologies & services: from components to complete systems.


Come and meet our experts throughout the whole conference at stand n°410 (hall 6), in the ECPE pavilion.

Technical papers

On the scientific side of things, we will be presenting 3 papers on a range of topics: from SiC devices to solutions for future medium voltage grids via passive components. One paper has even been shortlisted for the Best Paper Award!

The 3 technical papers we’ll be presenting at this year’s event are:

  • Towards a Common Mode Free Packaging Solution for High Voltage Series connected SiC MOSFET Switches” by Cédric Mathieu de Vienne
    • 9th of May at Foyer Entrance (A05-8150)
  • Design and Testing of a Compact Dry Insulated Medium Frequency Transformer Prototype for Medium Voltage Applications” by Martin GUILLET
  • Design of Oil Insulated SiC Diode Rectifier for an MVDC SST” by Pierre Le Métayer:
    • 10th of May at 11:10 in the Brüssel 1 room

Presenting on the industry stage

We are also very happy to be participating in the industry stage programme this year. At 10:50am on Wednesday the 10th of May (hall 7, in booths 7-480), Konstantin Vershinin will give a presentation entitled “Application of Medium Voltage DC for Energy Distribution” on this platform which is exclusively reserved for scientific presentations and panel discussions by experts on research and development topics in the field of power electronics.

What can you expect from this presentation?

In this presentation, Konstantin will explore the benefits of Medium Voltage DC (MVDC) networks for energy distribution applications through various use cases. He will focus particularly on the technical and economic aspects of the MVDC solution at a 10kV level and its application to electricity distribution, railways, and photovoltaic collection grids, among others. Particular attention will be given to the power converter technologies required to achieve MVDC benefits.

See you in Nuremberg! Please feel free to contact us to arrange meetings, we’d love to hear from you!