Ocean DEMO awards:
SuperGrid Institute is selected for EU funded project

We are thrilled to be taking part in another major project for the advancement of offshore wind farm technologies following our selection as part of the EU-funded Ocean DEMO project.

Ocean DEMO awards – SuperGrid Institute is selected for EU funded project

As one of the 12 successful applicants, we will receive funding to validate an underwater electric hub in one of the world leading test centres put forward by the Ocean DEMO project (EMEC, DMEC, SEM-REV and SmartBay), situated across Europe.

Thanks to the project’s support packages, we will be able to test our innovative offshore technology in real marine environments, thereby enabling us to increase the technology readiness level and move a step closer towards commercialisation.

With our underwater electric hub, we aim to increase the availability and overall performance of offshore floating windfarms by proprosing a more reliable architecture. As such, we will provide a real boost to energy technologies at sea and continue in our mission of being a pioneering actor for energy transition.