On-Load Power Flow Controllers
Configuration Changer

Reconfiguration device for basic Power Flow Controllers to reach all operating areas


The On-Load Power Flow Controller Configuration Changer is a novel structure for PFC devices allowing on-load reconfiguration. It is designed for simple Power Electronics (PE) PFC device with low reversibility and relies on a structure of mechanical switches which implies less losses. This structure of mechanical switches allows to connect the PE PFC device in different ways/configurations. Each configuration consists of closing three mechanical switches in order to match the simple PE PFC device’s ability to network requirements. The proposed mechanical structure can be associated with any simple PE PFC device inserting at least two voltage sources and designed to fit all network operational requirements.

A safe procedure allowing on-load reconfiguration between two configurations without any influence on the transmitted power of converter stations of the entire MTDC network because of null capacitor voltage.



Concepts validated in EMT simulation.


  • Enlarge the MTDC network operation
  • Reliable and robust Power Flow Controller
  • Less losses and less PE switches


  • Meshed Multi-Terminal HVDC grids


  • Patent application FR1873809
  • Technical reports 
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