100 kW DC-DC converter design files

Package “ Power modules”


This package focusses on power modules design and tests. SuperGrid Institute has developed power modules based on commercial SiC MOSFET and Diodes barre dies. The design of the power modules has been performed in the way of optimizing the losses for power converters which use soft switching techniques. Two types of power modules have been developed:

  • 1,7 kV – 8 mΩ half bridge power modules
    1,2 kV – 5 mΩ half bridge power modules


trl 5

Complete tests realized in laboratory with realistic operating conditions.


  • Optimized power modules
  • Study of the impact of the use of external anti-parallel diodes


• LV and MV power converters


  • Studies reports
  • 3D models & simulations
  • Testing report
  • Extract of the PhD manuscript of Thomas LAGIER
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