100 kW DC-DC converter design files

Package “ converter”


This package focusses on the technical implementation of the Dual Active Bridge topology. Different variants have been considered such as non-resonant one phase and non-resonant three phase. One variant uses commercial SiC power modules and a second one uses the power modules developed by SuperGrid Institute. The DC-DC converter has been characterised and a very high efficiency, above 98% has been measured.


trl 5

Complete tests realized in laboratory with realistic operating conditions.


  • Compelling experimental results
  • Significant Return of Experience to be used for future products development


  • LV and MV bidirectional power converters


  • Finite element models for the detailed simulation of the converter
  • Test reports including the performance of power modules, MFT and complete converter
  • Return of Experience report
  • Extract of the PhD manuscript of Thomas LAGIER
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