EU Promotion project

Project Partner to the project ‘PROgress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks’ (PROMOTioN) that applied in 2015 for funding under the EU Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme called ‘Competitive Low-Carbon Energy’ 5 (LCE 5). Contribution to WP4, WP6 & WP15.

Extension of the scope described here above with a strong participation to WP9

INP Grenoble France

Consulting services for hydraulic platform management.

Rental services for GE Hydro France of hydraulic platform for Performance of acceptance tests for KOKHAV HAYARDEN pump storage project in Israel (2 x 172MW).

Kohler Soreel France

Design validation studies and tests of a 63kV static switch for railways application.

Design consulting services on MV equipment.

Design consulting and testing services on MV equipment for railways application.

Consulting services – Dimensioning of a self for railways application.

Technical support to design for a MV equipment for railways application.

General Electric Hydro France

Knowledge transfer & Software Licensing related to hydraulic turbines and electricity storage using hydraulic turbines & pumps.

Consulting services on Gilboa hydropower plant commissioning in Israel.

CNR – Compagnie Nationale du Rhône

Techno-economic complete study and design of the most relevant DC grid architecture for connection of linear PV farms, including power converters design.

Techno-economic complete study and design of the most relevant DC grid architecture for connection of linear PV farms, including power converters design – Additional tasks.

Alstom Transport France

Design of an AC-DC single-phase Solid State Transformer SST.

Consulting services – Study and advises of auxiliary converters including medium frequency transformer.

Study of auxiliary control motor.

Performance of partial discharge tests.

Aging tests campaign on MV equipment.

Study of an innovative traction solution.

CNAM Entreprise

Creation of training modules on DC grids.

Nexans Italy

Short-circuit and dielectric tests on MV cables.


Provision of high voltage test switching equipment (HVSW test beds, FTS, etc.)

General Electric UK

Contribution to NanoComp project (European financing).

Tu Nur Tunisia

Tu Nur project Grid Consulting services.


Capacitor filling with SF6-free gas and ageing test.

Dielectric tests on capacitors.

Technical consulting services on 800kV capacitor design.

LISORE project

Contribution to LISORE project under EU financing, to explore the viability of innovating sea substations (floating or subsea) for renewable marine énergies.


Multi-year collaborative program for technical innovations in the power transmission industry, in collaboration with REE (Red Eléctrica de España).

GIS International Belgium

Characterisation of conductive material and technical study for a medium frequency transformer.

EU FastGrid project

Contribution to FastGrid project under the EU Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme to remove barriers of the Meshed/multi-terminal HVDC grids (supergrids).

General Electric Grid Italy

Technical Consulting services related to HVDC gas wall bushings design.

Resistivity measurements on special ceramic samples.

XFLEX Hydro project

xflex hydro Major project, led by a consortium of 19 members, to demonstrate how innovative hydropower technologies can ensure the safety and flexibility of the power system – Group leader of Work Package 11.


Elektek France

Grid Consulting services: modelling, simulation and calculation of short-circuit currents of a hybrid power plant in French Guiana.

Nexans France

Development of an innovative insulating material for HVDC cables.

Freel Tech Luxembourg

Freel tech logo Consulting services and test platform services on an innovating storage device.

General Electric Grid France

Rental of high voltage test platforms to perform design tests on high voltage equipment.

Consulting services and integration of e-learning modules.

Consulting services and studies on high voltage equipment dielectric characteristics.

SF6-free switchgear insulation gas design and characterisation.

Dielectric test campaign on HV GIS equipment equipped with g3 gas.

EDF CIH-Centre d’Ingénierie Hydraulique

logo_edfStudy of a full conversion variable speed technological solution for a pump storage hydro power plant.

ENGIE / Tractebel Engineering Italy

ENGIE Tractebel Engineering RMS and EMTP simulation works for connections to offshore HVDC grids.


RTE collaborate SuperGrid InstituteComparative study of Offshore Wind Farms grid connection architectures (collaboration project).


Projet SiCRET. Assessment & Benchmark of emerging SiC technologies focusing on reliability aspects (Lifetime and Robustness) in relation to industrial mission profiles from transport applications. Lead of WP4 on HV applications & components.

Major technology company Germany

Design, prototyping and test of a Medium Frequency Transformer.


Training services.

Nexans Germany

Specific type tests on MVAC cables.

Major technology company USA

Consulting services on DC materials for cable accessories.

Schneider Electric France

Logo of Schneider ElectricTechnical consulting services applied to MVDC equipment design.

Dielectric studies applied to MVDC equipment design.

Characterization tests on IGBT components.

Dickson France

Logo of Dickson companyFlash test campaign on samples.

Safran Electrical & Power France

Safran Electrical & Power FranceHigh power dielectric tests campaign

European Transmission System Operators & OWF developers


UE Green deal project on Interoperability – Initial stage

EGIC France

EGIC FranceTechnical consulting services for the design of a DC equipment applied to railways.

Chantiers de l’Atlantique France

Les Chantiers de l'Atlantique.Grid studies for Offshore Wind Farm projects in France Atlantic coast.

Inter-American Development Bank Argentina – Uruguay

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)Consulting services for the modernization of the Salto Grande hydro power plant (storage and hybridization).

Major technology company USA

HV tests campaign on DC cable accessories.

Thales France

ThalesPartial discharge measurements.

General Electric Power Conversion France


Offshore electrification system study

North Sea wind consortium

Grid studies and consulting services related to power hubs architecture to unlock the offshore wind potential of the North Sea.

Atherm France

Atherm FranceTechnical trouble-shooting consulting and partial discharge measurements.