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Posted 10 months ago

SuperGrid Institute brings together 180 employees, of 28 different nationalities who work together within a dynamic environment in the city of Lyon. As an independent research and innovation center, we are dedicated to developing technologies for the future power transmission system, the “supergrid”, including HVDC & MVDC technologies.

As a multi-disciplinary research center with advanced simulation capabilities & multiple test platforms, including numerous associated laboratories, SuperGrid Institute uses its comprehensive expertise to provide a wide range of services and solutions to support our customers in developing power systems, equipment and components. We specialise in system architecture and work on ensuring network security and stability while allowing for the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources. Find out more by visiting our website:

 General Context

Extended HVDC Super Grids, covering large areas and distances, are considered to be the preferable solution which makes it possible to introduce renewable energy sources and increase security to the pan-European power system. Although many technical limitations remain, the protection system is often regarded as the most critical one. Compared to the traditional AC protection system, the DC system has particular difficulties that have to be overtaken: DC current has no zero crossing and line impedance has few impacts on fault current limitation. As a consequence, the DC current rises much faster and interrupting fault current becomes difficult, especially in meshed DC grids.

To overcome this challenge, SuperGrid Institute is working for the development of protection strategies for MTDC (Multi Terminal DC) grids. Other industrials and academics are also proposing several technical solutions for the protection of bipolar and/or symmetrical monopolar configurations. In this context, several tools to analyse the performances of protection strategies have been proposed within SuperGrid Institute. Through EMT simulations, techno-economic analysis and key performance indicators it is possible to evaluate the protection strategies and to find the optimised protection solutions for future HVDC grids.

Objectives / Missions

The mission covers four main aspects: Research, Collaborative projects, Grid consulting services and Valorization activities.


Actions related to research aspects are the following:

  • To acquire the necessary knowledge regarding DC grid protection systems and become familiar with the existing proposed protection strategies solutions and fault identification algorithms as well as the tools for protection strategy analyses (i.e. EMT tool and internal TEA optimisation tool).
  • To propose solution for the protection of future DC grids, taking into account different possible fault clearing sequences, fault identification algorithms, DC breaking technology and busbar configurations. The engineer will be able to evaluate the novelty of the proposed solutions compared to the existing one and, if appropriate, contribute to the patent writing.
  • To study MMC converter restoring strategies after fault clearing. This activity implies interaction between the “DC grid protection” team and the “DC grid control and dispatch” team.
  • To ensure interaction between “DC grid protection” team and “DC grid architecture and optimisation” team, to participate to the development of the internal TEA optimization tools.
  • To ensure interaction with “High Voltage Substation Equipment” R&D Program for what concern DC switches and circuit breaker technologies.

Collaborative projects:

The engineer will contribute to collaborative projects conducted with industrial and academic partners throughout Europe (i.e. within the frame of European Horizon Europe):

  • To realize research activities related to the projects.
  • To participate to the work package meetings to present and share advancements.
  • To write the required deliverables.

Grid consulting services:

The candidate will participate to consulting activities under the supervision of “Grid Consulting” team leader, with possible interaction with engineers from different SuperGrid Institute research programs:

  • To analysis customer specifications in order to have a clear picture of what it is requested.
  • To perform power system studies using commercially available tools and in-house tools to dimension technical solutions.
  • To participate to technical meetings with client to present and share advancements.
  • To be responsible for timely and quality completion of technical work and deliverables of the project.


The candidate will realize path-to-market activities for a product related to the MTDC grid protection:

  • To define and structure value proposition by means of the lean-startup method (objectives and product milestones / releases).
  • To create market communication material to showcase the SuperGrid Institute expertise.
  • To identify possible clients together with marketing and sales department and to be proactive in proposing new commercial opportunities.

 Candidate Profile

  • Master or engineering school.
  • Good knowledge in the following fields: electrical engineering, power network, modelling and simulation.
  • Capability to summarize results and to draw conclusions.
  • Fluency in English.

Other information

SuperGrid Institute is an equal opportunities employer. We respect and value the diversity of our employees, their backgrounds and their professional experience. We believe in equality and take affirmative action to ensure that discrimination has no place in our recruitment process nor our company.


Job Features

Contract TypePermanent
Start DateASAP
Place of workVilleurbanne

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