Internship – Implementation of pan-European power system models and generation/demand scenarios

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General Context

The large-scale integration of renewable energy sources (RES) (e.g. offshore wind, photovoltaics) and the integration of energy markets are two of the main drivers for the future development of the pan-European electricity grid. This will require the ability to transport large amounts of energy over long distances across the entire grid (i.e. offshore and onshore) from generation areas to consumption areas. HVDC networks, covering large areas and long distances, are seen as the best solution to achieve this.

The development of HVDC systems will change the nature of power systems, moving towards hybrid AC/DC systems. The development of such AC-DC networks will only be possible if it can be demonstrated that these systems are :

  • Economically viable (through evaluation by techno-economic analysis and cost-benefit analysis (TEA and CBA)),
  • Capable of guaranteeing energy supply to consumers (ability of the system to ensure energy supply to the customer from available generation, taking into account all system contingencies) as well as system security (reliability and resilience of the system taking into account all operating conditions/contingencies (steady state or transient (e.g. fault)).

This requires studies and assessments in a realistic environment, representative of the pan-European power system infrastructure (current and future). These representative power systems are combined with the definition of generation and demand scenarios (current and future situations), and the development of AC-DC network models (steady state and dynamic). The implementation of these models and scenarios requires the definition of a well-established methodology, which could be based on an analysis of existing works and databases in the literature (e.g. European projects, ENTSO-E).

Objectives / Missions

A methodology for the construction of AC/DC network models has been established in previous work. This methodology is based on the analysis of existing databases in the literature (e.g. European projects, ENTSO-E). It focuses on static network models and has been applied/validated in the case of some European countries. It now needs to be generalized to the whole European network. A first approach for the definition of generation and demand scenarios has also been proposed. This approach needs to be consolidated and applied to the whole European network.

The main objective of the internship is to extend and consolidate the proposed methodologies for the development of pan-European power system models and generation/demand scenarios, with the aim of providing support for the calculation, analysis and management of power flows in the pan-European AC-DC network (i.e. static models). The work will be based on the following tasks:

  • Understanding and appropriation of previously developed methodologies and the available data on which these methodologies are based.
  • Consolidation of the proposed approach to defining production and demand scenarios.
  • Building of the full pan-European AC network model based on the methodologies, including demand/production scenarios.
  • The models developed must be simple enough to allow easy use in different application cases. For this purpose, an analysis of model reduction methods (e.g. a cluster partition approach) will be carried out. Based on this analysis, a suitable method for building these “reduced” models, representative of the behaviour of the AC network, will be identified.
  • Implementation and validation of the model reduction method on the basis of a case study on a reduced geographical area (e.g. two or three European countries, e.g. France, Germany, Spain).

Candidate Profile

Student in 5th year of Engineering School or Master (M2) in Electrical Engineering, with a skill in power systems

Knowledge of modelling and simulation tools for power systems (e.g. load flow) will be an added advantage

Good interpersonal skills, and ability to interact/interview with various interlocutors, within the European Union countries

Autonomy and ability to work in a team

What we have to offer:

–              You will be joining an institute for energy transition, a promising and stimulating field of activity,

–              A young, dynamic working environment,

–              Diverse, international teams (+25 nationalities),

–              Contribution to meal expenses (company restaurant)

–              Sports club within the company (on-site yoga, football, running, etc.)

–              Use of self-service company bicycles

Other information

Applications should be sent to the following address:

Start date: September 2022 Ref. Budget:
Place of work: SuperGrid Institute, Villeurbanne, France Duration: 6 months
Qualifications required for the position (e.g. electrical qualification H0B0):  

SuperGrid Institute is an equal opportunities employer. We respect and value the diversity of our employees, their backgrounds and their professional experience. We believe in equality and take affirmative action to ensure that discrimination has no place in our recruitment process nor our company.

Job Features

Contract TypeIntership
Duration6 month
Start DateSeptember, 2022
Qualification requiredMaster 2 / Engineering School

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