Internship – Experimental validation of magnetic component models for DC/DC conversion applied to renewable energy

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General Context

The research program focuses on power electronics technologies to meet the requirements of the future DC grid. The research covers innovative topologies and control to build highly efficient MVDC and HVDC power converters, in particular for DC/DC conversion applied to the connection of renewable energy sources. This internship consists in the experimental validation of models applied to medium frequency transformers and power inductors, key elements of power converters.

The design of these magnetic components requires the accurate estimation of losses in magnetic cores and windings, with or without DC excitation. In addition, power conversion involves phenomena such as additional skin and proximity losses in conductors of transformers and inductors. Finally, a detailed knowledge of the thermal properties is necessary in order to control the heating of the components because of their compactness.

SuperGrid Institute has developed models applied to the technologies used in medium frequency transformers and inductors. We are now seeking to validate them experimentally.

Objectives / Missions

Task definition :

  1. Become familiar with the components considered, the physical phenomena studied, the models used, and the work previously performed.
  2. Understand the samples available, the means of excitation and the measurement methods available.
  3. Define and execute an experimental validation plan.
  4. Compare experimental results with existing models.
  5. Consolidate results into a summary report.
  6. Present the results and discuss the relevance of the models.

The content of the internship may be adapted according to the progress of the work and the relevance of the results obtained. The models that can be considered for experimental validation include, but are not restricted to:

  • Losses of different magnetic materials (Ferrites, nanocrystalline,…) when excited by medium-frequency signals with and without DC bias.
  • Losses of specific conductors (Litz cable, foils,…) when excited by medium frequency signals.
  • Thermal conductivity of composite and anisotropic structures such as cores and windings.

The experimental work will be based on the use of electrical sources for the excitation of the samples and the heat generation. Measurements may involve the use of oscilloscopes, impedancemeters, thermocouples and thermal cameras. Data processing will be done with Matlab.

Candidate Profile

Student in scientific Master or engineering school in fourth, fifth or gap year. The candidate must have a good knowledge of electrical and magnetic systems. The candidate must show interest in experimental work as well as in research and physical modeling activities. He/she must be familiar with the basics of scientific programming (Matlab or equivalent). Autonomy, rigor and curiosity are desirable qualities. A practical English is required.

Other information

Applications should be sent to the following address:

SuperGrid Institute is an equal opportunities employer. We respect and value the diversity of our employees, their backgrounds and their professional experience. We believe in equality and take affirmative action to ensure that discrimination has no place in our recruitment process nor our company.

Job Features

Job CategoryInternship / Stage
Contract TypeInternship
Duration6 months
Start DateSeptember 2021
Place of workVilleurbanne

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