Internship – Study of eco-friendly insulation solutions for medium voltage switchgear

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General Context

SuperGrid Institute is a major actor of research and development for future energy networks and energy
transition. Gas based insulation systems are widely applied in medium and high voltage equipment such as Gas Insulated
Switchgear (GIS) and Lines (GIL), high- and medium-voltage circuit breakers and switches, bushings, among others. For
decades, Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) dominates the high and medium voltage industry as a reference insulation and breaking
medium because of its good electrical and physical properties. However, SF6 is also a strong greenhouse gas with a global
warming potential (GWP) of 23500 (i.e. one kg of SF6 contributes to global warming as 23.5t of CO2 would do). This
environmental harmful impact push both scientific and industrial communities to look for eco-friendly alternatives, while
maintaining higher insulation performance and reduced footprint of the devices. This research helps for greener energy
transportation and transition.

Objectives / Missions

The internship objective is to investigate the dielectric properties of SF6 alternative gas for medium voltage GIS. The
medium voltage GIS is a key part in the energy distribution networks, its insulation system needs to be perfectly designed
to ensure reliability of energy transportation. The study goes through multiple tasks:

  • State of the art on eco-friendly gas insulation for medium voltage GIS.
  • Establish experimental protocols to study the breakdown voltage of the insulating gas under AC, DC and LI
  • Investigate the breakdown voltage of the insulating gas under AC, DC and LI waveforms.
  • Establish an experimental protocol and investigate partial discharge in insulating gas under AC and DC waveform.
  • Numerical simulation of the electric field in the chosen geometries.
  • Analyze results and compare to simulations/estimations and litterature
  • Conclusion about insulation performance and design rules.

The trainee will join the “High Voltage Substation Equipment” program, he/she will work in collaboration with Laboratoire
Ampère at Ecole Centrale de Lyon where the experiments will take place. Regular meetings will be conducted within the
project team.

Candidate Profile

Student in electrical engineering, at ease with experimental work. Autonomous, rigorous and with a taste for innovation.
An experience with high voltage and knowledge in finite element software (ANSYS FLUENT, COMSOL) would be

Other information

Applications should be sent to the following address:

SuperGrid Institute is an equal opportunities employer. We respect and value the diversity of our employees, their
backgrounds and their experiences. Diversity is at the heart of our operations and we are committed to forbidding any
discrimination within our management of human resources. SuperGrid Institute is dedicated to making all of its posts
accessible to people with disabilities

Job Features

Contract TypeInternship
Duration5 - 6 months
Start DateOctober 2022
Qualification requiredMaster's degree / Engineering school

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