xMW DC-DC converter design files

Package “ Converter control”


This package focusses on the control of the prototype. The control has been implemented on a rapid control prototype (RCP) solution using the Matlab/Simulink environment and includes also the model of the converters. A modular solution has been implemented in the software which is composed of the following elements :

  • A master controller which supervises all the cells with the test bench
  • A slave controller for each cell which controls each cell according to the orders received from the master controller. It also includes the capacitor voltage balancing of the NPC based inverter
  • The synchronized communication protocol between the master and the slave controllers


Software validated using a physical small scale mock-up.


  • Ready to use models
  • Allows it quick mastering of the topologies
  • Allows a quick implementation of a prototype


  • LV and MV bidirectional power converters


  • Matlab/Simulink project
  • Software specification
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