Method for supervising a DC system

Based on discrete event systems theory and classification of operational states


The proposed solution superimposes several layers of monitoring and control while ensuring that system requirements are respected by construction. The proposed approach covers the supervisory control’s development process from the design as formal automata models to the implementation as executable code.

In the long term, the proposed solution helps reduce the engineering effort and gives a common framework for all the engineers during the requirements definition stage.


Virtual mock-ups of supervisors
Demonstrator within WP9 (HIL experiment) of PROMOTiON
Automated software tool to generate a supervisor code


  • Formal method allow a supervisory control correctby-construction, preventing any undesired emergent behaviour
  • Physical indicators defining the capability to operate of the system based on the components’ energy level
  • Manage complexity with a modular approach
  • Exhaustive exploration of the operational states of the system prior to its operation, and selection of the transition actions.


  • Point to point and multi-terminal DC systems
  • MVDC, HVDC, DC microgrids


  • Patent FR20190008975
  • Technical reports:
    • 1169-vAB-A Generic Method for Implementation of Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems
    • 1407-vAA-Supervisory control synthesis for MMC based HVDC systems
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