Metallised ceramic substrates
for high voltage packaging

Partial discharges and breakdown voltage measurements


Designing a ceramic layout is often seen as a 2D exercise: the distance between each track and the corners are rounded to prevent electric field reinforcement. However, stacking the substrates can solve the track-totrack isolation issues reported in the literature. This study focuses on the metallisation corners, a set of active metal brazed (AMB) ceramic substrates coming from “Rogers Corporation” and “Kyocera” companies, are manufactured.

Partial Discharge Inception Voltage (PDIV) and breakdown voltage are measured to see if any difference is noticeable. Another set of substrate from the same supplier is tested in the same conditions allowing the decorrelation of the surface metallisation and the border length effects.


Measurement results.


  • Design methodology


  • Metallisation process
  • Power electronics packaging
  • Technical ceramics


  • Experimental measurement report and conclusions
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