Framework for assessment
of DC grid protection systems

Feasibility, performance and risk evaluation methods and tools


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are proposed to evaluate performances of different protection strategies. Efficiency indicators are the KPIs related
to how the protection strategy manages the fault clearing and the grid restoration processes. Failure indicators are KPIs that assess features related to the probability of the malfunctioning of a protection strategy. Cost indicators evaluate CAPEX and OPEX of protection strategies. KPIs can be evaluated based on a library of DC component models (as performance and reliability indices) and on the following prerequisites:

  • Detailed description of protection sequences (primary and backups)
  • EMT modelling of DC grid with protection components and algorithms


Workflow based on in-house software modules and commercial EMT simulation tools


  • Expert decision tool support
  • Applicable to several grid technological solutions


  • Multi-terminal HVDC systems
  • HVDC Point to point links
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