Extension of turbine operating ranges

Battery to power the dead bands of hydraulic turbines


The hydro plant receives a setpoint in its extended operating range. In case the setpoint falls into a forbidden operating area of the turbines, the supervisor shifts it into an authorized area, the battery adding or subtracting power so that the output power of the system is at the required value. If the battery is fully charged or discharged, the turbine’s setpoint is shifted to the other acceptable area so that the system can continuously operate in the extended operating range.


Feasibility study performed (TRL3).

Solution validated in relevant environment in 2024 (PHIL).


  • Upgrade of existing powerplant possible
  • Can be used in addition to existing solution (HSC, Varspeed, etc.)
  • Possibility to regulate power in pump mode Cheaper than a battery of the same power


  • Hydropower production
  • Applicable to PSP, Francis and Kaplan
  • Applicable to new and refurbishment projects


  • PATENT WO2018172671
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